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n to the as we find them. our hel get that s. chris christie, i mistpzake. >> you talk out reshaping mitt h3# this election. >> i said from day one, thee guy runningguys stick with on "way too s a win how all thest it meansight on capitol hill. also ahead, going to join us from d headed ya straight fors wipedht back !d,@(=!w
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5çxgw$[szjb) last n became just the 17th president in u.s. hist troy win office when he the ll president in our country's hist oy do president obama'she first time getthis since 1816 that c elected to term before2f the last three t jaoe. we ad is was hit day. we're even in new york the winds are'r w2bub areas. going you can see the storm coming u begin to increase in the winds will be the first concern. the wind guslong theou on we goth weatherom2, you can se and also down along the nengland coastline. that the worst damage from the winds. i think could see some win miles per hour. we're also going look at winter weather advisories advisorieshis. even areas i expect the airport today from philade especiallye closed. they alreadyn those areas. g e a lot of p central new englan
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snow, sleet, and strong winds. it's not a travel region that is devastated by t still their home up onlundecided. from nbc's7>ing la edition o moment. esañyñú v/5tsxq
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mo a cs at puth close marg obviouslys deep into t but now $úct. well, president obama has in the end the for the president. 206 for mitt romney with florida too closete at a time like thring and political posturing. our leaders
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work. have to rise occasion. >> and wci other race for the republicans had hoped to win control of the send, this is really the headline race elizabeth reclaimedseat the seat held by ted in connecticut, congressman chri becoming the youngeember of the defeating who poured $42 million of campaign. outs indiana,ted his come back againchard mrace after debate last mont to e to hold on to several seats or h virginia tim kane pu georgesherrod brown won ove maine,angous t held by the one notable senate pi for republicans in nebraskab flibed ben nelson's seats and harry reid aalledegy andp e stillez races in montan mark halpern, way. what didbe war she ran as a state where the pr. >> that p difficultwto very leading voices in prtry. >> what does she b andperspective in terms ofshe is athe independent and several ote of the make itr some of therbgf) t legislatcqion business a a very strong voice. she has tha
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she's proved s indepe on any was taking the bank veral -- not to get at votes to win in&% state. and that wasn't going to gly well entified base. >> when theht ihe'll ts.ra races ini2 back democrats. commentsyeah. is whethe game o looks great.ut live an the akin sian back to a really tack torice for it. do we >> quick in the both body t se certainly voters you could apl the evening how was the telling us be prepared for a e counting of that would going to ghe tir way. ten inicials heret the srery of stats off that the tre tow everye i ti ro pray fheisan tone trs wtheaiand ohio 100,000 fewer vot mccain did four yontks >> coming up what will the heterm from the g that specialdi elecum
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ite se challenging second office afillion spending theers with losses inssouri house by atvote said last night yesterday's vote means theredate for further ie presidherevernment, 'll be there to meet him ff we've all been talking ng debate among also under come up with comprehensive immigration reform. i asked you earlierag will be thst fiscal iff? if we do clear thef,
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why does that change at i thigswi that's, to me the big missi elemen in the first term particularly thex last year o is not the president andthey're'kthrou warm generally diff is it aration? >> should be they can# be we don't have to speak to the clinton second term. there a lotpitfalls. here is o whihing out know they'verebuff repeatedly. they hav co cabinet and comfort cl advice. >> michael give us some hope. washington w fever break i >> as a native shingtonian, you've come to the wrong3b place. i grew up with this st ms both mark and andrea are linchpin to that is his secretaries. that will begin to break the ice, put those in thenate to dlationship, to carry the agen leadh at th to mesh i can be beneficial to this president to help him begin to open some doors that have been shut. >> all right. quo holds. ratic president we have a mark halpern, michael steel, andreaght, thank you for coming in.p on a special edition of "morning from
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